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  • Hork Dog 22 Open Roping

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    Hork Dog 22 // Open Team Roping // NRS Events Center // Roping is scheduled to start at 1:30 PM CST // HOW TO WATCH: Purchase a 1-time Pay-Per-View Pass or login/sign-up for an XFactorTeamRoping.com membership! // *Due to licensing agreements, this roping will only be viewable on XFactorRoping fo...

  • American Military Celebration NFR Showdown

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    American Military Celebration NFR Showdown
    6 PM CST | NRS Events Center
    Featuring: 2021 NFR Qualifiers
    5 Full Rounds Plus Average
    Minimum of 16 Teams
    Includes Qualifying Team from previous night's Open Roping
    (The ability to purchase this PPV within the app is unavailable, you must purchase it ...

  • Monday Night Match PPV Pass

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    OCTOBER 11th! The PreShow should begin around 6:30 PM CST and the Open roping will start at 7 PM CST. There will be a halftime show while the barriers are being swapped out!

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